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Gujarat, India
Grooved Gasket
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Leak proof envelop gaskets are manufacutred using various composite materials for a complete solution of fluid sealing.

  We specialize in manufacture of envelop gaskets. PTFE envelop gasket is a kind of static seal. It is used to seal pipe flange and joint of industrial machinery apparatus. Preformed PTFE gaskets easily drop into the flange and seal it.  They are just as easy to remove after use.  Made to fit ANSI standard 150, 300, 400, 600 lbs & suitable to flanges ½ to 18". These gaskets & manufactured in Slit ( V-Shape ) & Mill ( U-Shape ) designs along with Compressed asbestos, Asbestos free, Stainless steel corrugated & Rubber inserts.  Large diameter gaskets above 1 meter are also manufactured.